Real World Math Blog

This blog is a compilation of articles explaining how math is applied in real-life situations.

Tailored for middle and high school students, it offers numerous examples illustrating how mathematical concepts learned in school are put to use by real people in real jobs.

Covering topics from negative numbers to mathematical functions, this blog aligns with school curricula to make math more relevant and engaging for all students!

This article delves into a facet of nursing that involves mathematical skills, specifically the conversion between hours and minutes. The example illustrates the importance of converting hours into minutes for dosage calculations.
The converse of the Pythagorean theorem is handy whenever you need to check if a triangle is right or make a triangle right. This blog post illustrates how this property of the Pythagorean Theorem is used in different DIY projects.
Probability theory and the calculation of theoretical probability play a crucial role in Artificial Intelligence. This blog post presents a specific example of how theoretical probability is utilized in machine translation.
What happens when a self-driving car causes an accident? Who takes responsibility, and what are the consequences? This article explores how solving percent problems helps future lawyers navigate these court cases.
A negative number isn't just about below-sea-level positions or temperatures under zero. It's a helpful math idea used, for instance, in digital agriculture.
Can a smart car understand if a driver has fallen asleep? Can a smart manufacturing machine detect when a manufacturing worker is not feeling well and is at risk of injury? This blog post explores how smart computers can interpret facial expressions and emotions using the principles of psychology and math.