Real World Math Blog

This blog is a compilation of articles explaining how math is applied in real-life situations.

Tailored for middle and high school students, it offers numerous examples illustrating how mathematical concepts learned in school are put to use by real people in real jobs.

Covering topics from negative numbers to mathematical functions, this blog aligns with school curricula to make math more relevant and engaging for all students!

Polynomials are very useful in various real-life situations when there is a need to describe or measure something. In this article, we'll show how marketers use polynomials to describe and measure customer behavior.
The coordinate plane taught in school is a useful tool for various applications where people need to show how one thing depends on another. For example, how the duration of our life depends on whether our lifestyle is healthy or not. This article explores it in detail.
Simply speaking, arctan allows you to find the value of an angle if the legs of a triangle are known. But is it just for the sake of triangles in your exercise book? No, of course not. This blog post will show you the importance of arctan in real life.
• For a better understanding of what a linear function is, it is very useful to explore some real-life examples.

• This blog post explains to middle-school students how linear functions are used in the work of lighting specialists for controlling the light during a theatre performance or a concert.
What's the purpose of subtracting negative numbers? Where would you need this mathematical skill? Let's explore a practical example from the work of meteorology specialists and see how they use subtraction of negative numbers for weather forecast.
Have you ever wondered when people might need to calculate circumference in their jobs? This article will shed light on a real-life situation.