Learning environment

STEM learning environment enabling K-12 students to learn mathematics and physics in authentic real-life context

What is it?

Learning environment consists of software simulation apps and hands-on devices for math and physics. Hand-on devices are used for better visualization of mathematics and physics concepts. Software apps are giving authentic real-life context to mathematics and physics exercises.

How it works?

Students are introduced authentic real-world challenge to solve, whereas students need to apply their curriculum knowledge to solve it. Solving the challenge assume hands-on experimentation, and computer-aided simulation.

What challenge looks like?

Challenge vary depending on student age and learning objectives. Examples include usage of linear functions to create mathematical model of autonomous car path, usage of fractions to design fountain show, usage of quadratic functions to create lighting show, usage of Newton’s law to create Artificial Intelligence, etc. 

What grades is it for?

Currently we are developing set of topics primarily for 6th to 9th grade (student age 12-16 y.o.).  We do address some topics for higher grades though.


We always look for educational institutions interested in early adoption of our methodology and if You are interested to become early adopter or would like to get demo lesson plan – please contact us!