For math teacher

What is DARTEF?

DARTEF  is platform for learning mathematics in real-world context. DARTEF combines mathematics with career education and shows how mathematics is used for real-life problem solving.

How does it work?

DARTEF allows teacher to give students different examples – about how mathematics is used in real life, by real people in their current and future jobs.  Our simulations allow students to not only solve typical exercises – but actively apply their mathematical knowledge in a variety of real-life contexts. For example, students can use linear functions for creating model of autonomous car, design a fountain show with simple fractions, control surgery robot via trigonometrical functions, grow plants with the help of polynomials, etc.

The video below is the example of giving authentic context to the topic of linear functions.

What is the impact of DARTEF system on learning?

We have performed two pilot tests in 2021 with few hundreds of students and the results are very positive:

  • 75-90% of students reported satisfaction and increased interest in mathematics;
  • 80-90% of students love real-world problem solving in DARTEF;
  • Number of students interested in STEM career has almost tripled!

Can I try DARTEF simulations in my class?

Yes, of course! Have a look at our digital simulations. You can download trial worksheets there. If you want to get more worksheets – please contact us.