Prepare your children for the knowledge-intensive jobs of the future.

Our video tutorials inspire and motivate high school students to become highly competent, well-paid, and respected professionals in their future careers.

Future-proof career test

We stay up-to-date with forecasts on the future economy, technology trends, emerging jobs, and the most in-demand skills, and incorporate them into our video tutorials to help high school students choose a future-proof career.

Relevant school studies

Our video tutorials provide a clear understanding of how math and science curriculum can be applied in various careers, making school studies more meaningful and helping students make informed decisions about future career path.

Keeping students motivated

Our pilot tests confirm that bridging the gap between academic subjects and real-world applications provides high school students with clear connections to future careers while also maintaining their motivation and curiosity.

Check out a preview of the videos you will receive access to:

What kind of math do Artificial Intelligence specialists need?

How will the architect’s job change in the future?

What is a Public Health Specialist?

How will my future look as a robotics specialist?


DARTEF is a collection of engaging career video tutorials that inspire young people to become highly skilled professionals in knowledge-intensive areas and help them choose their career paths.

Knowledge-intensive areas deliver products and services with high added value, such as medicine, science, technology, business intelligence, marketing, architecture, and others. Professionals working in these areas require deep expert knowledge to perform their jobs.

Our video tutorials are aligned with the school math and science curriculum. This means that students can see how the concepts they learn in school are applied by real professionals in actual jobs.

These video tutorials are intended for middle and high school students. The optimal age to start watching them is around 14-15 years old.

To get the most out of our video tutorials, we recommend using them alongside math lessons. This approach helps students to understand how mathematical concepts are applied in real-life situations and also exposes them to various professions.